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Home Inspection Rates

Thompson Home Inspections service rates are dependent upon sevaral different aspects of the property in additional to option service request. Our fees are detemined by the age, size, and location of the home to be evaluated. We also take into consideration the amount of time necessary to provide a comprensive inspection and deliver a meaningful inspection report. Below is the information we need in order to provide you with a acurate price estimate.


  • Location

  • Actual Heated Square Footage

  • Age of the property

  • Crawlspace, Basement or Slab Construction

  • Any additional services (Environmental Evaluations)

To view our service rates please click on the link below. These rates do not include crawlspaces (addition charges will be applied)

Inspection Prices Thompson Home Inspections Kennesaw Ga
Payment Thompson Home Inspections Kennesaw Ga
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