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If you’re searching for a qualified home inspection company in Georgia, you’ve come to the right place. We at Thompson Home Inspections strive to provide a quality and professional service experience to every person that request our help! Unlike many other companies that provide the same exact services, we at THI have a passion and desire to ......give our clients the advantage and not just solely intrested in our profit. The bottom line is We Love What We Do!! But at the end of the day the proof is still in the pudding!

Are you curious about why we’re different? Read some of our reviews by clicking on the links below, and see what sets us apart!

To whom it may concern:

This in in regards to the Home inspection done by Trey Thompson of Thompson Home Inspections. Mr.Thompson performed a detailed and accurate account of the inspection of my property. He alerted me of the necessary changes I needed to make my property safe and viable for future use. I had no idea nor would I have known otherwise of the condition of my property. Mr. Thompson went from the roof to the crawlspace and showed everything that I need to do to make my property safer and ecomomically sound. He then provided a detailed report of everything that he did. Mr. Thompson was courteous and professional and I will recommend his services to anyone needing a quality home inspection.   


Timothy Freeman

Trey Thompson of Thompson Home Inspections was highly recommended by my husband's co-worker and now, after our inspection during the purchase of a resale home, we have certainly "experienced" the reason why. We are very pleased with the price/product/service Trey Thompson/Thompson Home Inspections provided us (including a “peace of mind” termite inspection). As a matter of fact, we were in somewhat of a time crunch, and Mr. Thompson was willing and able to accommodate us. He was very thorough during the home inspection itself and in the actual inspection report he prepared for us. He took the time to answer all of our questions before, during and after the inspection. Mr. Thompson is definitely an expert in his field, and my husband and I would do business with him again and/or recommend him to other people without reservation.


Kisha Day

"I was given a list for inspectors from Naca for my home inspection. I had call a couple n the list including Thompson Inspections, immediately Mr Thompson called me back. He was very professional and nice. I had a very complex situation because my builder was being inconsistent, but Mr Thompson continued to work with me and when I would have to reschedule he would do it without a problem. When he inspected my house, he explained what was going on with the inspection, which I greatly appreciate. I'm very happy that I worked with Mr Thompson! I recommend him to everyone."


Makina Raga

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Thompson Home Inspections saved me from investing in two money pit properties. The first home has a beautiful cosmetic mask to cover up the horrible sewage and gas leaks, electrical nightmare, mold, roof/insulation/plumbing damages, etc. Thompson uncovered and reported everything. Needless to say, the home is still vacant. The second home was mostly up to code, but Thompson Home Inspections found sneaky mold hiding in the crawl space. The thorough, detailed, and fine-tooth inspections of Thompson Home Inspections is priceless! They saved me tens of thousands of dollars in hours.


Mawusi Kambui "

Mawusi Kambui

It was a pleasure working with Trey and his associate, they were prompt and professional.  Everything was explained to me in manner that I understood.  I would definitely recommend his services.



Mackenzie "


Hi Trey,

Thank you so much for doing my inspection and submitting the report to NACA so quickly. I'll pass you contact info onto anyone I know that needs a home inspection. It was a pleasure working with you!

LaKeisha "


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Trey it was a pleasure working with you. I thought your service was excellent. Your report was very detailed and well explained. it made me feel good to see an inspection report so easy to follow.That made it easy for me to get them to fixed what needed to be fixed. I will recommend your service to others.You gave me more than I expected for the money and I like that.  I said it above it was a job well done.

 Nicola Matthews "

Nicola Matthews

I am a Realtor. I have worked with Trey Thompson in so many occasions. He always goes the extra mile to serve his clients. He provides high quality and detailed home inspections. It is countless the times that I have called him to ask his professional opinion on building codes, repair issues and so for. He always has an answer and he would even follow up the next day with further information on the subject. A home inspection is a key factor in the home purchase process and it defines whether the home is a go or a disaster. Trey will not only note all the problems but he will always provide tones of information for his clients to take a good decision. I like to work with him because he is very smart, my clients loved him every single time, never ever got a negative review of his job, he gives an affordable rate and he provides great service for the money. I would strongly recommend him every day for your next home inspection. Keep up the good work, Trey you are the BEST!

Mayra Muret REALTOR at Preferred Properties Group, LLC

Thank you for the home inspection, detailed and clear, we were glad to choose you for that.   

Thank you again!!

Bianca "


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